With Fitbit for Kids Parents Can Track Activity Levels, Sleep

With Fitbit for Kids Parents Can Track Activity Levels, Sleep

Fitbit is launching a fitness tracker for kids with revised software that allows parents to track their children’s activity levels and sleep, The Verge reported.

The Fitbit Ace is an adapted version of the Fitbit Alta, with a few adjustments to make it more appropriate for children aged eight and upwards.

Think smaller, like adjustable bands geared towards fitting a child’s wrist and elimination of certain functions not relevant to younger users, such as calorie counters.

According to TechCrunch, the Fitbit Ace retains certain functions of the company’s existing trackers, such as step counting and move reminders, and the device is water resistant and offers up to five days battery life.

It’s the software that seems to be the most interesting new feature.

Fitbit’s new family account option means parents can control how their child uses the tracker, Time reported.

Parents can monitor who their child connects with via the Fitbit app and they are able to view their kid’s data.

Additionally, if the child has a phone, parents will be able to view call notifications that are displayed via the Fitbit Ace, TechCrunch noted.

Motivation is a driving force behind the new model, and the Ace has taken this into account with its features.

The device allows children to compete for virtual trophies in step challenges and lets them compare their stats with one another.

The Ace also lets children exchange messages and cheers with other family members via its app.

Fitbit’s move to a younger market is not the first for a fitness tracker.

Garmin tried to do the same thing when it launched the Vivofit Jr., Engadget reported.

Delving into the younger market could be a profitable one for these companies, if numbers are anything to go by.

Research group Gartner predicated that children under 13 could make up 30 per cent of the smartwatch market by 2021, The Financial Times reported.

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